women need to fix. :: Part1

The lady who arranges flowers with my mom says she’s so calm. We have a regular meeting, and she’s not going to be there if it overlaps with the day her son comes. I’m not going out to do anything for my son, but I’m going to grab him on the day he comes and go to the department store to buy a lot of things for him. So no one’s close friends are going to match. Because of the mother, her son is an old-age woman, and if he doesn’t have enough money, he sells his house and thinks about going to a narrow plain, but he doesn’t want to die. He has friends and he’s embarrassed and can’t cut back on the average. He doesn’t want smart, handsome daughter-in-law, because he’s responsible for all the expenses, so he doesn’t want young, innocent girls. It’s not like living real life and trying to live with a straw in someone else’s eyes. Frankly speaking, you can’t marry a woman like this. But this mother-in-law must have been a daughter-in-law, and I’m a woman, but I think there’s something that men and women need to fix.

In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior…

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